Simple 3 tricks To Choosing The Perfect Jeans

Simple 3 tricks To Choosing The Perfect Jeans 

Simple 3 tricks To Choosing The Perfect Jeans
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You definitely are from the outer space if you don’t have a place in your heart for a pair of jeans. Who doesn’t love wearing them? It’s our saviour garment! It’s the most comfortable clothing invented ever. You can wear it for a date or a casual day out with your friends and family. The only problem we tend to face while buying ourselves is having trouble finding a well-fitting pair of jeans.

But worry not, we are donning our fairy hats right now! If you want to know why, it’s because we have come up with three hacks that can help you choose the right pair of jeans easily,

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Tricks 1: Choosing The Right Size

Simple 3 tricks To Choosing The Perfect Jeans
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We found a traditional hack for this. Did you know that one’s neck was considered a way to measure the lower garments’ size back in the day? So, here’s how you can use your neck while selecting a pair of jeans for yourself:

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Once you have found jeans that you like, hold it at the ends of the waist (not your waist, we are talking about the jean’s waist), and wrap them about your neck to the button level.If you find that the ends touch each other hassle-free, then this is the size for you!A small note to remember though — the ends of the waist of the jeans don’t have to touch behind your neck, they just need to wrap your neck.

Tricks 2: Defining The Width Correctly

Simple 3 tricks To Choosing The Perfect Jeans

Width size plays a crucial role while shopping for jeans. Just measuring your waist with a measuring tape and marking the waist number is of no help here. The width and the jeans sizes vary from brand to brand. If size 28 fits us in the X brand, a size 30 might fit us from the Y brand. It’s something we as shoppers are very much aware of. But we have a solution for this! You can define the width of your jeans with your hands:

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Clinch a fist and bend your arm at the elbow level. Now, place your hand inside the jeans such that the zipped-up waistband outlines your elbow.If the elbow fits perfectly, then that’s the pair of jeans for you!However, please note: This trick is advisable only for those who wear a standard waist size. What we mean to say is, if you’re someone who wears high waist jeans, then this trick will obviously not apply.Bonus tip: This trick works fine while choosing a skirt for yourself.

Tricks 3: Checking The Length Right

Simple 3 tricks To Choosing The Perfect Jeans

It was okay to fold up jeans if they were too long for us when we were kids. But now that we’re all grown up, we want the length of our jeans to be perfect too. Yes, we could alter the length, but isn’t that some extra work? These days we can find different length variants in jeans, like the ankle length ones. So, how do you know if the jeans you’re holding aren’t too long for you? Well, you might answer by saying – fitting room (duh). But if there is no fitting room? Then try this hack!

All you need to do is hold the edges of the legs of the jeans. And then, put your arms on its sides for as far as you can.Now, if you find your chin right in the middle of the jeans, then congratulations! You have chosen a perfect pair of jeans for yourself.

How About A Bonus Tip?

Skinny jeans are very hard to get into. We struggle to put in our feet at times. Well, if that’s the problem, then the pair of jeans you’re trying on isn’t right for you. If you want to know how easy it is to put on that pair of skinny jeans, simply clutch your hands into a fist and see if it fits into the leg opening.

Now you know how to pick a perfect pair of jeans even in the absence of a fitting room. If you have similar hacks, do write them down in the comments below!

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