Post Submission Guidelines

If you want to submit a guest post, please read this Submission Rules carefully.

Stylexaa is a Beauty and Fashion e-commerce and a lifestyle blog, and we get 4000 page views per day from western countries,we are also fastest growing lifestyle blog in USA. 

If you want to submit a guest post, here some important tips, it’s will actually help you to get your article published and accepted. 

• Kindly check out our few recent post, and it’s will helps you to understand what type of article we are looking for. 

• Write a good quality content, which will provide the value to the reader. 

• Here we share a list of the categories that we accept 

           • Health tips 

           • Beauty tips and ideas

           • Fashion tips and trends

           • Grooming tips

           • Product review

           • Sales copy(our products only)

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We also accept Promotional content, where you can write a review of a product or promote a company/person. For this type of content you need to contact us.

Some vital things you need to know before you submitting your article/guest post. 

• Article Quality

Article should be a minimum 700 words to maximum 2000 words. and properly discuss the topic in details, no one love incomplete post because it’s taste like a half-cooked chicken.Write a post which is highly dedicated only for Stylexaa audience.

⭐⭐⭐ Maintain Google Content policies

• Article and Creative credit

Stylexaa love and respect creativity, if your content is derivative of anyone else work, give them proper credit, same rules also applicable for images.

• Screen shot and Video rules

Images and Screen shot is a King, use proper images to explain your content, but remember do not use more than 3 images. If you want to attach video just send me your YouTube video link. 

• Self Promotion

We don’t allow backlink, only allow proper contribution, but don’t worry if you want to build a brand yourself by submitting a guest post,you are always welcome here, But if you want to backlink please contact us before posting. 

• Copyright

We are already talk about this, Stylexaa respect individual creative work, in case we discover 🔎you submit a post which is actually copied someone else’s post, than that article will not be accepted. So your article must be 100% plagiarism free.

⭐⭐⭐ When you submit a guest post to Stylexaa, you give us copyright ownership of the post automatically.and it’s help us to fight with any type of DMCA issues. 

Please read our Policy to know more

• Comment

When your guest post published, Then it’s your responsibility to reply your post’s comments.and it’s will give you more valuable exposure and also help your target audience.