Health Benefits Of Oats, Oats Nutritional Value

Oats Are Very Healthiest Grain On Planet. Do you know about health benefits of oats?

Oats Are Gluten Free And A Good Source Of Essential Vitamins And Minerals, Antioxidant And Fiber.

Oats Have Many Health Benefits Such As Weight Loss, Maintain Blood Pressures and Blood Sugar, and Improve Heart Health.

Breakfast Is One Of The Most Vital Meals Of The Day.
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Nutritionist Are Always Recommend Consuming Oatmeal For Breakfast, because It’s Healthy.

But Do You Know How Much Healthy Is It? Don’t Worry Here We Talking About This Topic.

Health benefits of oats

So Hello Guys We Are Stylexaa In This Article We Are Going To Talking About Health Benefits Of Oats,Oats Nutrition Facts So Let’s Start To Discuss About This.

When We Recommend Consuming Oats.

The Biggest Question That Comes Up Is How To Eat It? and Many People Worry About Its Taste.

Oats Is Impurities Free, Environment Friendly And Frozen Particle.

For Increase Oats Meal Taste Add Some Fresh Fruits, Cinnamon, Nuts, Low Fat Yougurt, Cream Etc…

What Is Oats And Oats Meal?

Oats Is A Good Whole Grain Foods, It’s Scientific Name Is Avena Sativa.

Whole Oats Take Long Time To Proper Cook.

Because Of That Reason Many People Prefer To Consume Rolled Oats, Steel-Cut Oats Or Crushed Oats.

But We Recommend Do Not Intake Instant Oats.

Because It’s Highly Processed Food, We Are All Know Processed Food It’s not Good For Our Health.

Oats Are Mainly Consume In Breakfast, Which Is Made Along With Milk,Water And Other Dry Fruits.

Oats Nutrition Facts:

The Nutrition Profile Of Oats Is Balanced.

Oats Are Very Good Source Of Complex Carbs And Healthy Fats With Super Healthy Beta-Glucan

Oats Are Also Contain High Ammount Of Protein.

This food are Also Contains Many Essential Vitamins And Minerals And Plant Compounds.

Here Is Oats Nutrition Facts

Half Cup Or 45 Grams Dry Oats Contains:

Calories:.                                180 Kcal
Total Fat:.                               3 Gm
Saturated Fat:.                       0.5 Gm
Cholesterol:.                          0 Mg
Sodium:.                                 0 Mg
Carbohydrates:.                   29 Gm
Fiber:.                                     5 Gm
Sugar:.                                    1 Gm
Protein:.                                 7  Gm
Manganese:.                          191% Of The RDI
Phosphorus:.                         41% Of The RDI
Magnesium:.                          34% Of The RDI
Copper:.                                  24% Of The RDI
Iron:.                                       20% Of The RDI
Zinc:.                                       20% Of The RDI
Folate:.                                    11% Of The RDI
Vitamin B1(Thiamin):.       39% Of The RDI
Vitamin B5:.                           10% Of The RDI

Oats Also Contains Little Amount Of Pottasium, Calcium, Vitamin B-6(Pyridoxine), Vitamin B-3(Niacin)

Health Benefits Of Oats:

1. Get Better Skin:

Skin benefits of oats

Oatmeal Is Good For The Treatment Of Inflammatory Conditions Such As Irritation And Eczema. 

Oats Meal Helps To Promote Healthy Skin.

Because When You Prepare Oats Meal Along With Other Ingredients Like Fruits,Milk, Nuts, Cinnamon It’s Increase Nutritional Profile Of The Meal.

Oats Contains Zinc And It’s Helps To Remove Toxins And Harmful Bio Compounds From Your Body And Helps To Cleanse Your Skin.

Oats also Have Iron And It’s Very Important For Our Health,and It’s Helps To Maintain Your Skin Moisture.

Manganese Also Contains In Oats, It’s Helps To Remove Swelling & Inflammation.

Manganese Also Promote Your Blood Circulation And Healing Your Skin After Bruises, Wounds, Micro Injuries And Burns.

2. Muscle Recieve More Protein:

Health benefits of oats

Another Super Health Benefits Of Oats Is When You Consume 8 Table Spoon’s Of Oats Meal Or One Serving, It’s Provide 15% Protein Of Daily Recommend Value. 

Oats Also Contains Antioxidant, Vitamin E And Glutamine.

Which Helps To Regenerate Your Muscles Fibers Quickly, So It’s Super Beneficial If You’re Dream Muscle Building.


3. It’s Contains Powerful Antioxidant:

Oats Contains Powerful Antioxidant,Which Includes Avenanthramides.

It’s Helps To Treatment Blood Pressure, Itching And Inflammation.

Oats Also Includes Beta-Glucan It’s Also Helps To Control Your Blood Sugar Levels.

Oats Also Includes Small Amount Of Vitamin C and It’s Also Helps To Remove Toxins From Body and Improve Immune System.

4. You Will Be Full Of Energy:

Oats health benefits

Oats Meal Contains Complex Carbs And Gives You More Energy.

Nutritionist Also Recommend Consume Little Amount Of Dry Oats.

When You Consume Oats Meal It’s Provide More Energy Than Others Food.

5. Good For Weight Loss:

Weight loss benefits of oats

If You Consume Oats Meal Daily, It’s Increase Your Metabolism Rate, Which Is Beneficial For Weight Loss.

If You Consume Oats Meal In Your Breakfast It’s Control Your Excess Calorie Intake Over A Long Time.

Oats Contains Complex Carbs It’s Maintain Anxiety, Appetite And Also Helps to Maintain Your Blood Sugar Levels.

Oats Not Only Increase Your Metabolism Rate And Restrict Accumulation Of Fat And Harmful Toxins In Our Body. 

6. Remove Bad Cholesterol:

Health benefits of oats

Oats Also Contains Dietary Fiber Known As Beta-Glucan, Which Helps To Remove Bad Cholesterol From Your Body.

Oats Meal Also Contains Soluble Fiber And Linoleic Acid.

It’s Helps To Remove Bad Cholesterol And Triglycerides From Your Blood.

It’s Also Helps To Control Blood Pressure Because Oats Clean Fat From The Wall Of Arteries.

It’s Save Us From Serious Disease Such As Atherosclerosis, Stroke, Heart Disease.

7. Lower Heart Disease Risk:

Oats benefits for your health

Oats Are Packed With Healthy Fat Like Omega 3. 

It’s Good For Our Heart And Brain Cells Also Blood Circulatory System.

Not Only That Due To Antioxidant Contains In Oats Meal It’s Protect Our Blood Vessels From Free Radicals.

8. Good For Digestive System:

Oats health benefits

All Nutritionist Recommend To Consume Fiber Daily Because It’s Good For Our Bowel Movement.

You Need To Consume 25 To 35 Gm Fiber Daily.

It’s Enough To Maintain Healthy Digestive System, Because Of Oats Contains Enough Ammount Of Dietary Fiber.

So It’s Good For Our Health And Digestive System. 
All Of This Reason Oatmeal Is Perfect For Breakfast.

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