Did you know that cats have an island in Japan?

Did you know that cats have an island in Japan?


Japan is a country famous for its animal love and many animal themed tourist attractions from Tame deer in Nara to Rabbit Cafes in Tokyo, another most popular animal themed tourist attractions is Snow Monkeys of Jigokudani.

Japan is popular for appointing cats for various purposes, such as appointing cats as a managers of train station, cats as a Lord of Castles to attract tourism.

Not only this most popular animal themed tourist attractions in Japan is “Neko Shima” or “Cat Island” in english.

Did you know that cats have an island in Japan?
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Aoshima is the most popular Cat Island in Japan located in the Ehime Perfecture. Not one ,Japan have multiple Neko Shima or Cat Island in coastline of Japan and even on inland salt water lakes.

Tashiro Jima is another most popular cat Island in Japan. When this concept becomes popular to attract tourist, since then many islands have become a paradise kingdom for cats.

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Top 11 Cat Island in Japan

1. Okishima located in Shiga prefecture.

2. Sanagishima located in Kagawa prefecture

3. Aoshima located in Ehime prefecture

4. Muzukijima located in Ehime prefecture

5. Manabeshima located in Okayama prefecture

6. Iwaishima located in Yamaguchi prefecture

7. Aijima located in Fukuoka prefecture 

8. Aishima located in Fukuoka prefecture

9. Genkaishima located in Fukuoka prefecture

10. Kadarashima located in Saga prefecture

11. Tashiro-jima located in Miyagi prefecture

What is the  Ratio of Humans and Cats on Cat Island?

The Population ratio of Human and Cats it’s varies from one island to another island, Since the islands become a popular tourist attractions, Cat populations on the islands are increasing.

In Aoshima Population ratio of Human and Cats is 10 : 01, means 10 cats to every 1 human. Only 13 humans lives in this Island. and it has over approx 150 cats.

In Tashiro-jima Population ratio of Human and Cats is 1 : 1, means one cat to every one human, 100 peoples are lives in this Island and it has over 100 cats.

Manabeshima cat Island has biggest population of both Cats and Human, approx 300 people’s lives in this Island and also lives same numbers of cats.

How did all the cats get there?

Did you know that cats have an island in Japan?

There are many fascinating stories on how so many cats are came to the islands.

Most stories have different legends and myth, while some stories have environmental and social causes.

One of the reasons for so many cats being on Aoshima island is because it was once a big fishing harbor, in 1900’s fishermen were very troubled with the rat infestation on their boat, so they started to adopt cats as a solution.

This is how cats pop up on this island at one time, and now Aoshima is most popular Cat Island in Japan.

In island Tashiro Jima has different story behind their population of cats.

This island was especially cultivated in silkworms, this silkworm naturally attracts rats, cats are brought here to kill these rats, then gradually increase the number of cats on this island.

Although there was no specific cause for the over-population of cats on Japan’s Jenakishima Island, it was once the largest cat island, but it was affected by an earthquake in 2005.

How Cat Islands help tourism in Japan.

Cat Island in Japan attracts many tourists all year around, and Japan tourism authority and islanders have been working to make these as attractions.

In Tashiro Jima islanders built a Cat Shrine, To give honor the service and work of the cats.

It has now become very popular among tourist sights. Japan has always been impacted by earthquakes and bad weather, so cat tourism is becoming a way to bring tourists back to areas that have been devastated by natural causes.

Through this tourism the island is receiving funds to recover the affected area. So if you are a cat lover, then Japan is a must have place to visit.

Although most cat islands were not intended for tourism, but these islands are now becoming popular with tourists.

If you visit these islands, you can help those community, and if you are a cat lover then you will definitely love it.

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