How Chopsticks Helps To Fight Diabetes

How Chopsticks Helps To Fight Diabetes

How Chopsticks Helps To Fight Diabetes
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What you consume (eat) has a huge effect for your health. But now, modern science also tells us that what we use when consuming also can have an effect on our health. This is where the chopsticks(⬅ Click here to buy) enter the film(picture) as a current study shows that the utensils can reduce chronic illness danger, also including diabetes.

We are stylexaa in this article we are going to talk about How Chopsticks Helps To Fight Diabetes

Here’s how chopsticks helps to fight diabetes

Other Utensils vs  Chopsticks 

The scientists who conducted the research on the National University of Singapore and the Clinical Nutrition Research Center in Singapore sincerely follow into those people who used palms, spoons, and chopsticks whilst eating regularly. According to the findings of the research, those people who used chopsticks after a meal with a bowl of rice had lower glycemic reaction. What this indicates is that their blood sugar levels are controlled than those people who ate using palms or spoons.

Using chopsticks when food eating is also believed to lower the glycemic index of the rice, this means that that type 2 diabetes danger (risk) is reduced, also helps to reduced the risk of heart disease and obesity

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Longer Digestion is the Key

The scientists concluded that chopsticks helps people to take small bites and as this happens, which means they have to chew less. The meals particles that remain big when you consuming food with chopsticks take longer for the saliva enzymes to digest. As a end of result, the blood sugar levels does not increase as a lot of different techniques of eating. If there may be unexpected sudden spike in blood sugar levels, this could cause to chronic diseases, like type 2 diabetes.

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Should You Eat with Chopsticks From Now On?

How Chopsticks Helps To Fight Diabetes

Although the research did recommended that it is very healthier to consume your food with chopsticks in case if you want to decrease your glycemic index, it isn’t an absolute research. In fact some experts said that it isn’t just the chopsticks that help because slower eating also has to come also using the utensils. Additionally, Experts are disclosed that the researchers who completed the study at might not be completely conscious whether the response for glucose can actually predict the danger (risk ) of acquiring diabetes or not.

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Nevertheless, in case you frequently consume white rice, you also could benefit from eating slowly & using chopsticks. Experts additionally hinted that instead of decreasing your carbohydrate consumption, you must have actually take smaller bites to decrease your diabetes and heart problems risk.

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Onions: Health benefits, nutrition value & risk

Onions: Health benefits, nutrition value & risk

Onions: Health benefits, nutrition value & risk

Onions are a part of the allium family, which additionally includes chives, garlic, scallions, and leeks. Allium veggies were cultivated for hundreds of years for their benefits, good flavors and for their beneficial medicinal properties.

Onions also have different size, shape, colour, and flavor. The most available common types are red, yellow, and white onions. It’s Flavors can be sweet & juicy to sharp, spicy,& pungent frequently depending on the season in which they’re grown and fed on(consumed).

It is estimated that a hundred and five billion pounds of onions are harvested every year, globally. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), China is the biggest onion producer.

Benefits of onion

Onion contains various nutrients, minerals and potent plant compounds that have been proven to promote health in many ways.

In truth, the medicinal properties of onions had been recognized since early ancient times, they were used to deal with ailments like headaches, coronary heart sickness and mouth sores

Here are 9 Health benefits of onion


Allium greens were studied drastically(extensively) in relation to most cancers, especially belly and colorectal cancers. Their useful and preventive effects are probably due in part to their rich organosulfur compounds.

The specific mechanism by which these compounds inhibit the most cancers is unknown, but hypotheses say the reduction of tumorgrowth and mutagenesis, and also helps to fight for free radical formation.

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2.Sleep and mood:

Onion also contains Folate, It’s might to help reduce the melancholy/depression. Homocysteine help to prevents blood and other nutrients from reaching the brain.  and folate helps to prevents this chemical from constructing up(building up). Excessive amount of homocysteine also interferes with the production of the serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which regulate not only temper(mood), but it’s additionally helps to sleep and appetite.

3.Skin and hair:

Onions are rich in vitamin C, which is very needed for the producing and protection of collagen, which provides help to maintain healthy skin and hair.

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4.Heart disease:

Raw onion is also known to minimum the production of LDL (bad ldl cholesterol) and help to maintain your heart healthy.


Vitamin C (only present when you eat is  raw form) in conjunction with the phytochemicals found in onions help to build strong immunity system.

Onions: Health benefits, nutrition value & risk

6.They Help Cure Cough:

Are your throat & chest already hurting because of that nasty & badly cough? All you need to do is cut a huge-sized onion in 1/2 and add half of teaspoon of brown sugar on each of them. Allow to sit for an hour. Afterwards, take grab a spoon & scoop some of the syrupy liquid that has been formed, and intake,Do this two times a day to obtain alleviation from cough proper away.

7.Slicing Up Onions Helps Cleanse the Eyes:

When small foreign object come to your eye that reasons infection, fear not. All you have to do is cut up a few onions proper(right) in front of you. This will make you cry, hence causing that unknown foreign object to be flushed out.

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8.Onions Disinfect Minor Wounds:

One of the primary few things which you should to do upon incurring a minor wound is to immediately wash it with cleaning soap and water to put off dirt and micro organism(bacteria). To make sure certain that an infection is not going to bug you, just simply slice an onion & properly apply the juice on the wound. This solution is also better for minor burns.

9.They Help Soothe Insect Bites:

In this world no one likes having insect bites as they are itchy &  painful. A quick manner to heal those pesky insect bites is by using crushing a small piece of onion and daubing the juice at the problem(trouble) spots.

Nutrition value of onion:

Onions are a nutrient-packed food,It’s  means that while they have very low in calories, they are excessive in useful nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

One cup of chopped onion(50-65gm)

Energy:                                 64 calories,
Carbohydrates:                   15 grams
Fats:                                      0 grams
Cholesterol:                          0 grams
Fiber:                                     3 grams
Sugar:                                    7 grams
Protein:                                  2 grams

Also onion have 10% or more of the regular value for vitamin C,vitamin  B-6, and manganese.

Onions additionally contains small quantities of calcium, iron, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium, and the antioxidants quercetin & sulfur.

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Risks of onion:

The dangers of onion intakes are very low.but as with any meals that could in any otherwise be healthful , overconsumption comes with ability/potential health risks. Allergy patients may additionally have a trouble consuming onions, too.

It is the overall diet that is very important in disease prevention & help to achieving good health. It is good to eat a food with many variety than to also concentrate on individual foods as the key to good health.

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CRANBERRIES: Health benefits,nutrition facts,side effects & safety

CRANBERRIES: Health benefits,nutrition facts,side effects & safety

CRANBERRIES: Health benefits,nutrition facts,side effects & safety

Cranberries are a fave a part of Thanksgiving celebrations, people consume as cranberry sauce, cranberry beverages, and dried cranberries added to stuffing, casseroles or dessert.

Cranberries are native to North America. They are farmed on about forty thousand acres across the northern United States and Canada.

Cranberries are a good healthy food, due to their high nutrient value and antioxidant content. They are frequently called as a “super foods.” Half a cup of cranberries carries 25 calories.

The nutrients in cranberries were connected to a decrease threat of urinary tract infections, prevention of many type of cancers, improved body immune system, and also decreased blood pressure

Cranberries include amazing fitness benefits.cranberries have an incredible nutrients profile, as they’re contains in manganese, copper, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K1.

Here is Nutrition value of cranberry

Here is Nutrition value of cranberry


One and half cup(1-1/2) or 55 grams of cranberries contains:

Calories                               25     KCAL
PROTEIN                             0.25 grams
FAT                                       0.07 grams
CARBOHYDRATES             6.6    grams
SUGAR                                 2.35 grams
FIBER                                   2       grams
CALCIUM                             5       mg
IRON                                     0.12  mg
MAGNESIUM                      3.5    mg
PHOSPHORUS                    6        mg
POTASSIUM                        44      mg
SODIUM                               1        mg
ZINC                                     0.05  mg
VITAMIN-C                          7.7    mg
FOLATE  DFE                      0.5    mcg
VITAMIN-A.                         35     IU
VITAMIN-E                          0.72 mg
VITAMIN-K                          2.75 mcg

Some discussion about selected macro nutrients:

Carbs and Fiber:

Cranberries are in the main composed of carbs and fiber.

These are mainly simple sugars, which include sucrose, glucose, and fructose.

This is made up of insoluble fiber — including pectin, cellulose, and hemicellulose — which pass through your intestine almost intact.

Cranberries also include soluble fiber. For this motive/reason, excessive intake of cranberries may cause digestive issues, such as diarrhea.

On the alternative/other hand, cranberry juice contains absolutely no fiber and is commonly diluted with different type fruit juices — and sweetened with added artificial sugar.

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Some discussion about selected micro nutrients:

Vitamins and Minerals:

Cranberries are a rich supply of numerous vitamins and minerals, specially vitamin C.

Vitamin C:

Also referred to as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is one of the primary antioxidants in cranberries. It is vital for the maintenance of your skin, muscle mass, and bone.


Found in most meals/, foods, manganese is vital for overall growth, metabolism, and human body antioxidant system.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is a top clas of vital fat-soluble antioxidants.

Vitamin K1:

Also called phylloquinone, vitamin K1 is vital for blood clotting.


Copper is a trace element, normally low in the Western Diet, Inadequate copper consumption can also have adverse effects on coronary heart health.

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Some discussion about selected plant compounds:

Other Plant Compounds:

Cranberries are very excessive rich in bioactive plant compounds and antioxidants — mainly flavonol, polyphenols.

Many of those plant compounds are concentrated inside the skin — and are substantially or greatly reduced in cranberry juice.


The maximum considerable antioxidant polyphenol in cranberries. In truth, cranberries are among the main fruit resources of quercetin.


A essential antioxidant polyphenol in cranberries, myricetin can also have a number of useful health effects.


Alongside cyanidin, peonidin is liable or responsible for the rich red color of cranberries and a number of their health advantages. Cranberries are the various richest nutritional sources of peonidin.

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Ursolic acid:

Cranberries Concentrated in the skin and ursolic acid is triterpene compound. It’s an component in lots of traditional natural medicines and has strong anti inflammatory effects.

A-type proanthocyanidins:

Also referred to as condensed tannins, these polyphenols are believed to be powerful effects against UTIs.

Cranberries additionally include the vitaimins B,thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin B6.

They are a good/better source of vitamin C, fiber, and vitamin E.

Also, cranberries contain a huge amount of antioxidants known as flavanol polyphenols, that can improve health.

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Health Benefits of Cranberries:

Health Benefits of Cranberries

1. Anti-Aging Benefits:

The USDA scientists on the human studies center/HUMAN RESEARCH CENTRE mentioned that the wealth of antioxidants and phytonutrients present in cranberries play an important function in offering safety towards the troubles that develop with age, such as lack or corrdination and memory loss.

Cranberries rich a multitude of therapeutic properties that facilitates/helps in protecting the cells from the damage, which can be due to unstable molecules referred/known as free radicals that make a contribution to growing older/aging, consequently/therefore making your skin look younger.

2.Cancer Prevention:

Cranberry consists of proanthocyanidins, which allows/helps in inhibiting the increase of various cancer cells. Studies have recommended that diets that are rich in flavonoids, play an important function in lowering the danger of cancer mortality & cancers.

Cranberry juice has anti-carcinogenic components that interfere with the increase of most cancers cells, mainly those related to prostate and colon cancers. As per research, proanthocyanidins can prevent micro-tumors from growing inside the blood vessels. Regular intake of cranberry juice can help in stopping the fast increase/growth of tumors. The chemicals in cranberries can also prevent/protect against the multiplication of breast cancer cells.

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3. Cardiovascular Health:

Evidence confirmed that the polyphenols found in cranberries may also assist/helps in decreasing the danger of cardiovascular sickness/cardiovascular disease or CVD by using stopping the platelet build-up and lowering blood pressure via anti inflammatory mechanisms.

4. Dental Health:

The equal/same phytonutrients which can be found in cranberries that allows in preventing UTI’s, may additionally helps to your dental health, via stopping micro organism(bacteria) from sticking to your teeth.

An added some extra advantage is the anti inflammatory effects of these phytonutrients, which also can assist/help in reducing inflammation your gums. This allows/help in reducing your threat of periodontal issue.

5. Prevents Inflammation:

Cranberries have been reported to comprise/contain anti inflammatory effects, which could advantage conditions such as stomach issues, digestive problems, rheumatoid arthritis and your cardiovascular system, particularly the lining of your vessel walls.

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6. Prevents Ulcer:

Different type of belly ulcers are related to a selected type of micro organism(bacteria), that’s referred/known as Helicobacter pylori, and cranberries may additionally help in preventing this bacteria from attaching to the lining of the belly/stomach. This is similar to how they could assist/help in stopping/preventing micro organism(bacteria) from attaching to the lining of the urinary tract.

7. Prevents Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs):

Cranberry is better known for its role in preventing UTIs, most in particular for recurrent infections. The high stage or high level of proanthocyanidins or PACs that are present in cranberries, helps in the reduction of the adhesion of certain bacteria to the urinary tract, in turn fighting off infections.

A research that was published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in February 2016 confirmed that while cranberry pills have been suggested to assist or help urinary tract infections, cranberry juice is far much less effective. This is because it takes big concentration of cranberry to prevent bacterial adhesion. The quantity of concentration is absent in the juices you drink.

8. They can enhance your digestion:

Fiber is extraordinary for overall gut fitness, and cranberries are filled with it—one cup has about 4.6 grams of fiber, Graham says. “This is vital because we want fiber for a good digestive system and to keep maintain normal bowel actions,” Dr. Agarwal adds. Plus, fiber helps to keep you fuller longer, this means that you’re much less likely to reach for a now not-so-healthful snack.

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9. They might also reduce awful cholesterol:

“Research is also suggesting that ordinary or regular consumption of low-calorie cranberry juice can reduce your LDL or bad cholesterol and triglycerides, and other element of cholesterol,” Dr. Agarwal says. If you are chugging cranberry juice, ensure it’s all herbal with out added artificial sugar—research show the sweet stuff has the opposite impact on cholesterol levels.

Health Benefits of Cranberries

10. They could boost your immune system:

When you experience the sniffles coming on, you may consume for some old orange juice to load up on vitamin C & give your immune system a proper boost. But cranberries are actually high within the essential nutrient as nicely. “Just one cup of cranberries carries 22 percentage of the recommended each day value of vitamin C,” Gorham says. So in case you’re feeling below the weather, load up on cranberries to assist or help your body fight back. (Just don’t depend on them alone—sleep, workout, and healthy meals also are important for maintain your immune system strong,

11. For Weight Loss:

Being over-weight stays atop amongst all different type of fitness troubles. Eating fresh organic fruits and fresh green vegetables are always recommended to loss some extra pounds in a healthful way –when you including cranberries to it – can double the advantages. Cranberry are rich in antioxidants, Antioxidants helps to flush out pollution from your body. This procedure improves the digestive system and metabolism, which simply leads to weight loss.

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12. Respiratory Infections:

According to some research, cranberry juice assist/helps to in inhibiting certain strains of the Haemophilus influenza. This is a common/simple cause of breathing/respiratory and ear infections in children/kids.

13.For Flawless Skin:

Cranberry Rich in vitamin C, cranberry juice is an fantastic sour to get flawless skin. It has components i.E. Hydroxylysine, hydroxyproline, and amino acids that our body wants to make collagen. The collagen helps to maintain skin soft,smooth and younger. Plus, in case if you live in a cold area, harsh/cold winds can affect your skin, which can cause a sequence of skin related trauma and issues. Drinking cranberry juice daily can hold the skin hydrated and collagen-full.

14. For Oily Skin:

Oily skin is susceptible to pimples, which sometimes it’s gets complicated to deal with pimples. If you have got oily skin and seeking out an long-term solution, cranberries may help you out. The cranberries have antiseptic properties that helps to treatment pimples. Resveratrol, the antioxidants present in cranberry juice work effectively against pimples and acne.

The cranberry juice may be used to make a face masks. To make this face pack

You will need-

⚫powdered orange peel,
⚫a teaspoon of honey,
⚫cranberry juice.

Properly Mix all of the substances/Ingredients and apply this mixture in your face,after 20 mins than rinse with water

15. A skin Cleanser:

The cranberries can be used as a skin purifier/skin cleanser. All you want is a cranberry pulp; and properly apply it on the face after facial steam. Avoid eye place as it is highly sensitive and make certain cranberry pulp does no longer get into the eyes. This way, your skin sinks in all the nutrients the fruit has.apply cranberry pulp gently and massage your skin after 15 mins and rinse it off.

16. For Hair Fall:

Hair fall is a very common trouble. Although most of the people faced hair loss issue as a result of poor genetics, there are, however, a kind of of fitness associated problems that may cause hair to weaken and fall.  There are many products available in the market to treat hair fall, however nothing can beat a natural remedy. Cranberries are contains in vitamin A and C, and it is essential for healthy hair growth and hair.

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17. For Dandruff:

After hair fall, dandruff is the second major hair problem. Cranberry juice can treat dandruff and different type of scalp related troubles. Cranberries have powerful anti-fungal and antiseptic properties that combat/fight against dandruff. These properties helps to prevent psoriasis properly. You can just directly apply cranberry juice to the scalp and rinse off as you normally. Plus, the vitamin C inside the fruit can treat damaged hair properly.

Cranberries Side Effects & Safety:

Cranberries Side Effects & Safety

Cranberry is LIKELY SAFE for most people when taken by simply mouth appropriately. Cranberry juice and cranberry extracts have been used normally/safely in human beings. However, when people drinking an excessive amount of cranberry juice can cause a few side outcomes/side effects, like as stomach upset and slight belly upset and diarrhea. Drinking excessive amount more than 1 liter in a day for an extended/long time period would possibly boom/increase the chance of getting kidney stones.

Special Precautions & Warnings:

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: 

There is not enough reliable info about the safety of consuming cranberry for therapeutic reasons in case you are pregnant or breast feeding. Stay on the safe facet and avoid use.


Most of the casses Cranberry juice is LIKELY SAFE for children while taken simply mouth as a food or drink.

Aspirin hypersensitive reaction: 

Cranberries contain vast/significant quantities of salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is much like/similar to aspirin. Avoid consuming large portions of cranberry juice in case you are allergic to aspirin.

Inflammation of the stomach lining (Atrophic gastritis):

Cranberry juice may increase vitamin B12 absorption in the body ,for humans it’s increase the chance of atrophic gastritis. 


Some cranberry juice products are sweetened with extra amounts of white sugar. If you’ve already diabetes, stay safe with cranberry products which might be sweetened with artificial sweeteners.

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Low belly acid (hypochlorhydria):

Cranberry juice may increase vitamin B12 absorption in the body ,for humans it’s increase the chance of lower levels of belly acid.

Kidney stones: 

Cranberry juice & cranberry extracts present a excessive amount of a chemical known as oxalate. In fact, there is some evidence that a few cranberry extract drugs can raise the level of oxalate within the urine by as much as 43-45%. Normally kidney stones are made usually from oxalate blended/combined with calcium, Doctors are worry that cranberry might increase the risk of kidney stones. To be on the secure/safe side, keep away from taking artificial cranberry extract products or drinking excessive amount of cranberry juice if you have a history of kidney stones in your family.

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