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What Happens If You Consume Honey Everyday

What Happens If You Consume Honey Everyday

What Happens If You Consume Honey Everyday
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We’re continually trying to find an appropriate product that could come to be a magic pill for our body even it's also being tasty and enjoyable.

Stylexaa has found such type of product, which turned out to be common natural honey. Today we are going to exploring its health properties. & we are definitely going to consume a spoonful of it from now on.

What is Honey

What Happens If You Consume Honey Everyday
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Honey is a sweet yellowish gel made from flower nectar, blended with an enzyme secreted through honey bees, then concentrated by reducing moisture inside the honeycomb cells.

A basic formula is as follows:

Sucrose + invertase = fructose + glucose=Honey

Honey nutrition facts

Serving size 339 gm(1cup)

Amount per serving

Calories:                         1031 kcal
Total Fat:                             0   gm
Cholesterol:                        0   mg
Carbohydrate:                  279 gm
Protein:                                1   gm
Calcium.                          20.3  mg
Iron.                                    1.4  mg
Magnesium.                      6.8  mg
Phosphorus.                     13.6 mg
Potassium.                        175 mg
Sodium.                             13.6 mg
Zinc.                                     0.7 mg
Copper.                                0.1 mg
Manganese.                        0.3 mg
Selenium.                            2.7 mcg
Fluoride.                            23.7 mcg

Vitamin B6.                         4%DV
Vitamin C.                           3% DV
Riboflavin.                           8% DV
Folate.                                  2% DV

*Percent Daily value are based on 2000 calorie diet,your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs

Health benefits of Honey

Clearer skin
What Happens If You Consume Honey Everyday
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Honey is an super antioxidant, which means if you take honey everyday will cleanse your body of various types of toxins.and also, its antibacterial properties will extensively improve the condition of your skin.

Loss of excess weight
What Happens If You Consume Honey Everyday
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If you are watching your excess weight, Physician recommend excluding from all sugar-based sweet — but not honey. That’s because the sugar found in honey has a exceptional composition from that found in other different sweeteners. Honey helps to boosts your metabolism, that is very essential for weight loss.

Lowered cholesterol levels  

Honey is cholesterol free food. Quite the contrary:, its constituent components & vitamins contributes to reducing levels of cholesterol. Daily intake of honey has a beneficial effect on the level of antioxidant compounds in the body which can fight excess cholesterol.

Stronger heart
What Happens If You Consume Honey Everyday
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Research proved that the antioxidants contained in honey can save you arteries from narrowing. it's Depending on the place of occurrence, narrowing may cause to cardiac failure, memory deterioration, or headaches. Drinking a glass of water with a 2 spoonfuls of honey will be sufficient to prevent that.


Better memory  
What Happens If You Consume Honey Everyday
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Other studies demonstrates the capacity of honey to fight stress, restore the cellular antioxidant protection system, &, as a consequence, improve memory. Besides, the calcium contained in honey is very easily ingested by the brain, which has a beneficial effect on its functioning.

Sounder sleep  
What Happens If You Consume Honey Everyday
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The sugar contained in honey will helps to increase the level of insulin in the blood, which then releases serotonin. Serotonin is again transformed into melatonin, melatonin is a hormone that promotes fine sleep.

Healthier stomach
What Happens If You Consume Honey Everyday
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Honey is a powerful antiseptic properties, so it is recommended to eat a spoonful of honey on an empty belly. This simple ritual helps to prevent various problem to the digestive tract. , while it's passing through the stomach, honey destroys germs & heals small wounds in the mucous membrane.

Relieved from anxiety  
What Happens If You Consume Honey Everyday
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This may sound odd, however a reality is a fact. Honey enables to soothe the nerves and relieve fatigue. The glucose contained in honey is very vital for the work of neurons. It is quickly absorbed into the blood, which furthers relaxation & relief of psychological issues.


Bonus: honey and garlic combo

What Happens If You Consume Honey Everyday

When combined with any other natural treatment with strong antiseptic & healing properties — garlic — the super power of honey will increase tenfold. Garlic-infused honey will boost up your immune system & maintain you in good health. You are going to want the following components:

• three-four heads of garlic

• 1 cup uncooked honey

• a small jar with a lid

Separate the garlic heads into cloves, & properly remove their outer layers. Put them into the jar, & then pour honey over them. Remove bubbles if important. Cover the jar with a lid, & put it away to infuse for a few days. Take one spoonful a day on an empty stomach, & you will sense energized & healthy like never before.

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