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What is Jicama, Jicama nutrition,Jicama benefits

What is Jicama, Jicama nutrition,Jicama benefits

What is Jicama, Jicama nutrition,Jicama benefits

What is Jicama:

Jicama is a species in the genus Pachyrhizus in the bean family (Fabaceae).Jicama is a round-shaped root vegetable or juicy fruits,golden-brown skin & a juicy white interior.

It is the root of a plant that produces beans much like lima beans. But the beans of the jicama plant are very toxic.

Jicama Originally grown in Mexico, jicama also spread to the Philippines and Asia. It requires a long growing time & not using a frost,

It is flesh and juicy & crunchy, with a slightly sweet & nutty flavor. Some people think Jicama's tastes like a cross between a potato & a pear.Some others people compare it to a water chestnut.

Jicama also known as Mexican potato, yam bean, Mexican water chestnut and Chinese turnip.

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Jicama nutrition facts:

Jicama nutrition

Nutrition Facts:


Amount Per 100 grams

Content           Quantity               Daily value

Energy                38Kcal
                      Macro nutrients

Total Fat             0.1gm                         0%
Carbohydrates  9gm.                           3%
Dietary fiber.      4.9gm.                      19%
Sugar.                  1.8gm
Protein.               0.7gm.                        1%

     Micro nutrients (vitamin & minerals)

Cholesterol.       0mg.                            0%
Sodium.              4mg.                             0%
Pottasium.         150mg.                         4%
Vitamin A.                                               0%
Vitamin D.                                                0%
Vitamin C.                                                33%
Vitamin B-6.                                             0%
Cobalamin.                                               0%
Iron.                                                            3%
Magnesium.                                              3%
Calcium.                                                     1%

Important note:-

Here Showing % of Daily Values are based on a normal 2,000 calorie every day diet plan. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your daily calorie needs.it's depends on person to person

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Jicama benefits:

Top 7 benefits of Jicama:

Jicama benefits

1.Weight control: 

People who need to lose their weight should eat low calorie foods. Jicama is low calorie food which is also filled with dietary fiber. The dietary fiber helps to make you feel full. This vegetable has 38 calories(Kcal) per one hundred (100) grams & it is filed with dietary fiber & macro and micro nutrients. This is an excellent snack options to reduce your appetite for food and crub cravings & you will not gain any extra weight or you will no longer lose any nutrition benefits.

2.Strong bones: 

The leaves of Jicama have minerals such as copper, iron, magnesium and manganese which mean that it can help to improve our bone mineral density. These minerals are highly beneficial for building sturdy/strong bones, new bones and healing any existing damage bones. This is also a very effective herbal remedy so that it will save you the onset of conditions including osteoporosis. There are million people all over the world who suffer from this condition.

3.Cognitive abilties:

This vegetable(Jicama) has Vitamin B6 in excessive amounts. Also Vitamin B6 is critical part of breaking down proteins into usable amino acids and other kinds of proteins for people. This can maximize our metabolic function

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Jicama is filled with iron & copper that is making it a very good natural remedy for maintaining the fitness of the cardiovascular system because those minerals are very vital element of the red blood cells. If we do not have those minerals in our bodies, then we will suffer from anemia & low functioning of the organs which always need oxygenated blood to their proper work.

5.High Blood Pressure: 

Jicama is packed with potassium which means that it could manipulate(manage) blood pressure due to the fact this element is vasodilator and it can help to reduce the tension on arteries & blood vessels that's lowering the pressure to our cardiovascular system. Also this Ingredients is very essential for maintaining fluid balance in opposition to sodium thoughtout our bodies this means that it will help to maintain our bodies hydrated & they may functioning at a high level.

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6.Healthy Immune system: 

Jicama is highly rich in Vitamin C. In one hundred grams of jicama there is approximately 40% of our entire daily requirement for vitamin C is also very essential for our immune system & it stimulates the white blood cells which are the first protection line of our our bodies.

Vitamin C also help to combating against pathogenic, fungal, viral and bacterial illnesses and this vegetable is a extraordinary way to add Vitamin C in your daily diet. Also this Vitamin has powerful antioxidant property which means that it'll fight in opposition to cancer and it is neutralizing free radicals which are linked with cancer and heart disorder.

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Jicama is filled with dietary fiber.dietary fiber help to boost the bulk of stool which is also assisting(help) to move through the digestive tract & it is decreasing some conditions like constipation. Also this vegetable is filled with soluble fiber which is called oligofructose inulin it's sweet and inert carbohydrate which does no longer metabolize into simple sugars. This is a best food for diabetics

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