14 side effects Of High Heels & How to wear High Heels safely

14 side effects Of High Heels & How to wear High Heels safely

14 side effects Of High Heels & How to wear High Heels safely

Do you like high heels? Do you sense your party ensemble is incomplete without your favourite stilettos?

A pair of high heels is a must-have style accesory for girls across the globe. But, are you aware of the fitness/health risks related to wearing those killer stilettos or high heels?

If you don’t know how to high heels effect on your health, Don’t worry stylexaa is here, this article gives you 14 side effects Of High Heels & How to wear High Heels safely

So let’s get started

14 side effects Of High Heels & How to wear High Heels safely

Let’s have a study the 14 side effects of wearing high heels:

1. Lower Back Pain:

High heels are the popular style statement for women. They are generally chic and attractive and may up your fashion quotient. But comfort and stilettos do not pass nicely together. The excessive heels or High heels do not provide entire support on your feet. It causes an unequal distribution of weight that could cause pain, irritation and feel pain in the lower back.

2. Awkward Spinal Curve:

Most fashionistas wear stilettos to flaunt their hour glass figure. High heels make your lower back arch/pain out more than normal. In truth, the peak of the heel is directly proportional to the degree of arch to your lower back. The awkward arch can cause nasty heavy pains within the higher(upper) and lower back regions

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3. Ankle Sprains:

A pair of designer high heels can add glamour and ointments to your dresser wardrobe. You can only wearing high heels if you are walking on event surfaces. Potholes, bumps and cobblestones may be potential celebration-poopers waiting only for you to slip and sprain your feet ankle. Apart from the ankle sprain, a fall like this could additionally lead to broken ankles, bruised elbows and knees. If you land awkwardly, you may even suffer a concussion. Refrain from using your stilettos on a everyday basis. If you need to give/deliver in to your shoes fetish, you do so only on special event/party/occasions

4. Foot Pain:

High heels or stilettos have a certain shape and design that looks stylish. After an extended or long day to your feet in that uncomfortable footwear, you’re maximum possibly to suffer from a foot pain. You can feel a sharp ache or pain in your feet, sole, arch or heel.

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5. Sore Calves:

Sore calf muscle groups are another side effect of those pointed heels. It also can lead to protruding veins, which not only handiest look appalling but are extraordinarily painful too. If you need to flaunt your toned legs steer clean of high heels.

6. Constricts Blood Vessels:

High heel footwear generally make the feet appear longer and thinner. The shoe shape squeezes the foot into a awakard position that truely isn’t natural and is anything but comfortable. The strain/stress for your foot can give result in a constricted blood flow. Some time In extreme situation/cases, it is able to purpose/cause the blood vessels to break.

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14 side effects Of High Heels & How to wear High Heels safely

7. Knee Pain:

The awkward curvature of the leg at the same time while you wearing excessive high heels puts an excessive amount of stress on your knee joint. It often leads to instances of osteoarthritis in people’s.

8. Weakens Ligaments:

The High heels weaken your feet ligaments. You need to skip the glamorous footwear in order to shield/protect your feet from any serious injury.

9. Crooked Feet:

Hammer toe is one of the most risky side effects of high heels on toes. The unnatural position of the foot, the strain at the calves, blood vessels and again back result in a deformity of the foot, it’s referred to as hammer toe.

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10. Muscle Pain And Spasms:

Long-time period wear of high heels can shorten the muscular tissues in your calves and your entire back, which could purpose/cause muscle pain and spasms, according to the American Osteopathic Association. Many girls additionally feel in painful leg cramps after wearing the high heels.

11.Worsen Bunions:

If you’re unfortunate sufficient to have existing bunions, your excessive high heels may be making them worse. These kind of footwear exacerbate the hassle because they tip your body weight forward, forcing your feet towards the front of your shoe. This action forces your big toes in opposition/against to your other toes, which could get worse your bunion protrusion.

12. Increase Your Risk Of Osteoarthritis:

A research take a look at from the Journal of Orthopaedic Research discovered that wearing stilettos/high heels which are three and half inches or higher can increase your lifetime risk of osteoarthritis, a main motive of disability in women. Wearing even higher footwear may have a higher impact for your chance/risk.

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13. Hyperextension In Toes:

Here is Another negative impact of wearing high heels/stilettos all the time is that it fixes your toe in permanent/everlasting hyperextension.

14. Callouses:

When you push your feet into too-tight footwear or shoes that force your ft into unnatural shapes (which includes pointy-toe shoes), you create pressure on the edges/side of your feet & toes. Over time, the rubbing and pushing from your favorites high heels can cause a hardening of the foot skin. It won’t be a massive/big deal in the winter season, however come summer, you might be too embarrassed to don your strappy sandals while your toes are riddled with callouses.


Now you know the way a stylish High heels can take a toll in your health. We are stylexaa team hope that reading about these side effects consequences of wearing High heels will make you think again earlier than slipping into them every other day.

Making Heels Safer and More Wearable

14 side effects Of High Heels & How to wear High Heels safely

High Heels may not be the healthiest/right choice for your feet, but you don’t have to rule them out altogether. Take some precautions and you may still gain some inches with out struggling fundamental/major effects.

Options for a Platform Heel:

 If you are obsessed with notable super high heels, choose a those type of heels that still feature a platform through the front of the shoe. This offers the appearance/look of high heels, however raises the ball of the foot as well as the high heel, putting much less pressure on the ball overall. A 3-inch heel with a one-inch platform feels more like two inches.

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Choose a Comfort Brand:

Thanks to innovation in shoes, it’s far possible to discover a pair of heels that are both supportive and relaxed/comfortable. Designer Cole Haan has partnered with Nike to create a line of comfortable heels, while comfortable brands like Clarks, Naturalizer, Aerosoles, and Sofft offer stylish pumps that won’t totally smash/wreck your toes/feet. Just be aware that comfortable and supportive heels frequently price a premium compared to strictly fashion/style counterparts. . Expect to pay $75 to $100 for an normal pair.

Wear Heels for a Few Hours Maximum:

I put a 3-hour limit on wearing my high heels, so I use them only when I recognise/known an event or party/occassion won’t ultimate longer than that. If you’re going to be on walking or dancing, or standing all night long, wear high heels for some hours after which transfer to a fashionable pair of flats shoes. This can keep save your back, joints, and smooth feet. You may even purchase folding flats that slip into your handbag for a discreet manner/way to exchange into something extra comfortable/relaxed as the night goes on. I put on CitySlips, which price $30 and come with a seize to hold the flats, however I have also visible less expensive variations on Amazon and at Walmart for approximately $20, which come with a small pouch.

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14 side effects Of High Heels & How to wear High Heels safely

Select Dressy Flats:

 Think you could’t wear flats for greater/more formal activities/occasions? Think once more – embellished flats are a brilliant alternative to excessive high heels. I look for information together such as studs, lace, or bows that dress up a pair of flats shoes. Furthermore, flats shoes can be truely lovable with skirts, and skinny denims. However, in case you hate flats, attempt a sleek pair of flat using boots as an alternative.

Add Orthopedic Pads:

If your preferred high heels lack assist/support attempt adding orthopedic insoles or pads. Since heels may be difficult to fit,thin gel pads truly work wonders  They are small, however can still provide you a little bit more support underneath the ball of your foot or all throughout the complete sole to make heels extra wearable.

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Stretch Your Feet:

If you find that your toes are achy and sore after an afternoon in high heels, sit for your sofa and vicinity a golf ball or tennis ball below your foot. Then, slowly apply pressure on the ball as you roll it up and down your foot. It’s a excellent way to relieve tight muscles and tendons after a punishing day in high heels.

Final Discussion:

There won’t be an alternative to the way heels make your legs look or how they make you feel when you wear them. But in case your lengthy/long days in heels are leaving you sore & tried, it might be time to swap your high heels for something a more comfortable. After all, a life-time of knee pain and sore ankles isn’t worth the latest in shoe style. Still, in case you need to wear your sky-high pumps, achieve this carefully and in small doses, and also you won’t suffer the unwell effects of being elegant/fashionable

If you have suffered from any health issue because of wearing high heels, please comment your experience here.

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